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USPS to seek ’emergency rate hikes’…

Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) – Battered by massive losses, the Postal Service wants to raise rates to bring in more money.

Postal officials scheduled a briefing Tuesday to discuss the amount of the increase, which will go to the independent Postal Regulatory Commission for review.

The boost comes as no surprise. Postmaster General John Potter said March 2 that a rate increase would be necessary for the agency, which does not receive tax funds for its operations.

The current 44-cent first-class rate took effect May 11, 2009.

While that change will be the most visible, rates for other types of mail will also go up, raising concern among business groups and nonprofit organizations.

Under the law, the post office is generally limited to increases no more than the rate of inflation — 0.9 percent for the year ended in May.

However, the agency is allowed to seek a larger increase in unusual circumstances. Potter said in March he planned to take that step.

“The projections going forward are not bright,” Potter said then. But, he added: “All is not lost. … We can right this ship.”

The agency lost $3.8 billion last fiscal year despite cutting 40,000 full-time positions and making other reductions. It has continued to face significant losses this year.

The weak economy has sharply reduced mail volume as companies cut their advertising. At the same time there has been a significant drop in lucrative first-class mail, with more and more people turning to the Internet to communicate with each other as well as to receive and pay bills.

The proposal drew a prompt complaint from the mailing industry.

“This proposed rate increase amounts to another tax imposed on Americans at a time when the economy can least afford it,” said Tony Conway, executive director of the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers, a group representing charities and other organizations.

“Consumers everywhere will pay more for the letters and packages they need to send; businesses — large and small — will suffer and even more jobs will be lost,” complained Conway, who was designated spokesman for the Affordable Mail Alliance, a coalition of businesses, charities and other mailers formed to oppose the increase.

Postal officials also have proposed eliminating Saturday mail delivery as a means of cutting costs, a change that would require congressional approval.

Post office finances are also complicated by the requirement that the agency make annual payments to pre-fund future health benefits for retirees, something not required of other government agencies.

And the postal inspector general contends that the Postal Service has been overcharged billions of dollars for retirement benefits for employees who worked for the old Post Office Department before it was converted to the Postal Service in 1970.

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Where the USPS sends lost packages…YIKES!!!

As hard as it may be to believe, the last time the United States Postal Service allowed an outside organization to audit their delivery efficiency was in 1989. in that study, they found that approximately 13% of mail sent through the USPS was never delivered.  THAT’S 1 OUT OF EVERY 7 PACKAGES!!! And that was over 20 years. There were a number of reasons for the mail never getting to its destinations, including:

1) The mailperson deciding what he/she has room for, and what he/she doesn’t have room for…many mailpeople were found to be going through the mail, and trying to find bulk mail, or items that didn’t look like they were important. “we just don’t have room for everything,” the mailperson was quoted as saying.

2)  The mailperson damaging the item inadvertently,and just discarding it or marking the item as ‘undeliverable’…

3) The mailperson just not wanting to deliver it. Just recently, a USPS employee in the Philadelphia area was discovered to have hidden over 6 months worth of mail that was never delivered…IN HIS GARAGE! Sometimes, if the mailperson can’t fit the package in your box, they will just keep it–instead of ‘wasting’ the time to fill out a form for you to pick it up at your local Post Office; or *GASP* walk it to your front door themselves. Sometimes, they feel like it just saves time to not deliver all of those pesky envelopes and packages, and its much easier just to stash them somewhere…

So, ever wonder where your ‘lost’ packages go? The United States Post Office actually auctions the undelivered packages off–the items inside them, that is. here is a link to when the Atlanta auctions are:


Now, when you package is lost, at least you can travel to Atlanta and make a bid and try to win it back!!!

I am posting this message right after a customer visited our store and would not fill out the customs form (his shipment was going to Canada). He told me the last time he shipped a gift to Canada using the USPS, he put ‘jewelry’ on the customs form, and his package was lost….

Maybe he should check Atlanta.

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USPS Employee Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Mail Theft Conspiracy…

  Defendant Worked as a Mail Handler at Dallas Main Post Office

DALLAS — A former employee of the U.S. Postal Service, James Olabode Laniyan, was sentenced yesterday by U.S. District Judge Jorge A. Solis to 60 months in federal prison, the statutory maximum, for his role in a mail theft conspiracy, announced U.S. Attorney James T. Jacks of the Northern District of Texas. Judge Solis also ordered that Laniyan, pay $302,620 in restitution for disbursement to Discover Card Services and Capital Bank One Bank. Laniyan, 51, of Grand Prairie, Texas, was ordered to surrender to the Bureau of Prisons on July 28, 2010.

Laniyan pleaded guilty in February 2010 to one count of conspiracy to possess stolen mail matter and commit fraud and related activity in connection with access devices. In January 2010, Laniyan’s co-conspirator, Sulaimon Olasode, 36, of Houston, Texas, pleaded guilty to the same offense and was sentenced last month by Judge Solis to 48 months in federal prison and ordered to pay restitution jointly and severally with Laniyan. Olasode is in federal custody; following his sentence, will be referred to U.S. Immigration authorities for deportation to Nigeria.

According to documents filed in the case, Laniyan was employed as a mail handler with the U.S. Postal Service at the Dallas Main Post Office. Sometime prior to October 2008, Olasode approached Laniyan about stealing mail from the post office. After considering the money he could make, Laniyan agreed to participate in the conspiracy, which they ran until August 5, 2009.

The American public trusts the Postal Service to deliver its mail intact. When a postal employee betrays that trust and steals mail, then uses stolen financial information to wreak havoc in the lives of our citizens, Special Agents of the Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General investigate. Fortunately, these incidents are not common, and the overwhelming majority of the 600,000 postal employees are honest and hard-working. With the prosecutive support of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, we will aggressively pursue any employee committing a postal crime,” said Max Eamiguel, Executive Special Agent-in-Charge, Office of Inspector General, U.S. Postal Service, Southwest Area Field Office.

Laniyan stole credit cards and credit card customer information by removing letters and parcels from the mail stream and then sent the contents of the stolen mail to Olasode in Houston for him to activate and use the stolen credit cards in the Houston area. In February 2009, members of Discover Financial Services Organized Crime Unit identified more than 40 credit cards mailed to customers in the Dallas area that were never received and later compromised. The vast majority of the compromised cards were being fraudulently used in the Houston, Katy, Sugarland and Richmond, Texas, areas.

Approximately 150 victims had their Capital One or Discover credit cards stolen in the scheme.

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United States Postal Service…gone?

The United States Postal Service lost an estimated $3.8 BILLION in 2009. And that’s even with the increase in postage rates, most notably the raising of the 42-cent stamp to 44 cents.  The USPS is hampered by a multitude of factors–the increase in things such as electronic bill pay; the inflation in costs such as fuel and healthcare; and the emergence of companies such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL–companies that can offer comparable or better service for the roughly the same price to the consumer. In fact, the largest percentage of the USPS revenue comes from Direct and Bulk Mail Marketing, not from individual consumers or private business order deliveries.  The USPS is projected to lose over $200 BILLION DOLLARS by 2010!!! Because they are not allowed to close USPS facilities due to their financial state, they are exploring other options:

1) Eliminating Saturday deliveries…this would decrease the salaries you pay employees to work 6 full days, and would save the USPS an estimated $90 Billion over the next ten years. 

2) ANOTHER POSTAL RATE HIKE, although that will not happen until 2011, at the earliest.

3)Moving facilities into grocery stores or department stores, which would save facility costs, and would allow them to skirt around the rule of not being able to close down facilities.

As you can imagine, all of this is not only making consumers wary of using the USPS, but also the employees themselves are becoming disgruntled and losing a great deal of motivation with their jobs (Remember this the next time you stand in a line for an hour to buy a book of stamps).

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To Insure or Not to Insure…

THAT is the question. Granted, it SHOULD be the carrier’s job to make sure your shipment arrives in its destination on time and in tact, but when should you spend the extra money to protect yourself in case something were to happen? Here are a few tips:

1) Does your item have DOCUMENTABLE value or SENTIMENTAL value? Unfortunately, the shipping companies do not allow for what something is worth TO YOU, only what it is worth in the commercial sense, in other words—the amount that was on the receipt when yo purchased the item. So, if you put an old polaroid of your family in a $20 picture frame, and the shipper were to damage or lose it, while the picture may be priceless to you, it is only worth $20 to the shipping company.

2) Is your shipment packed properly? Regardless of how much insurance you buy, if the carrier determines that your package was not prepared to adequately protect your shipment against the normal wear and tear of transit, they still can reserve the right to deny the insurance claim.  Things they look for are: items placed in used or already damaged boxes, and items that are not cushioned with enough packing material (foam peanuts, bubble wrap, etc.) In fact, the drivers who pick up the packages are trained to look out for these types of things to protect the shippers against false claims.  So make sure you have your shipment packaged within the guidelines of the shipper you are using.

3) Is it worth the added expense to you? FedEx and UPS automatically include up to $100 worth of insurance; added insurance is usually around $3 per $100 of insurance.  The USPS does not automatically include any insurance; and to add insurance is usually around $2 to $3 per $100 of insurance.  So sometimes it just isn’t worth the extra expense; other times, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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Simple Mobile™ is a fast-growing wireless provider whose goal is to give the customer the best-quality service, comparable to companies such as AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon—-without the constraints of contractual obligations. Just from personal experience, there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get the phone you REALLY want without adding 2-3 years or $30/month to your already substantial wireless bill. Or having the freedom of a prepaid plan, only to have inconsistent phone service, or not being able to get quality wireless products. My Simple Mobile Now combines the best of both worlds.
1.Simple Mobile operates in partnership with T-Mobile, and runs off their satellites. So you won’t experience the limited coverage areas, dropped calls, or spotty internet connections that you get with other pre-paid programs.
2.Simple Mobile offers a wide range of phones, from major brands such as Motorola, LG, Samsung, and BlackBerry—even the Apple I-Phone!
3.There are no 2 or 3-year service contracts. All you have to do is buy the phone and SIM Card, and you pay by the month, as you go. That means no new contracts every time you want to get a new phone!
The major carriers will try to entice you with rebates and deals on phones—as long as you sign a new contract with them. This way, they make their money back on the phone—AND THEN SOME. Let me use my old phone service as an example. I had a family plan with one of the major carriers, which included 3 phones, 2000 anytime minutes per month, unlimited text messaging in the US. Our bill, with taxes, was about $215.00 per month. Keep in mind that anytime you want to go on the internet, it was $2.50 per day; anytime you wanted to call ‘411’ it was another $2.00 per month. Now, in order to switch to the BlackBerry Curve, we had to pay $30.00 per phone, add $9.99 PER PHONE to add the Data (Internet) Plan, AND sign a new 2-year contract!!! This means, for the 3 phone lines, we would be paying :
Phones: $90.00
New Phone Plan
(With Internet): $245.00 @ 24 months = $ 5880.00

That’s almost $6,000 for two years!!! Now, let’s use the same formula for Simple Mobile service:
Phones: $250.00 @ 3 phones= $750.00
New Phone Plan: $150.00 @ 24 months= $3600.00
This means you would save over $1,600.00 over the two years with the same phones, and no contract! Plus, with the Simple Mobile you receive unlimited calls and texts—even INTERNATIONALLY–and unlimited directory assistance!

So, if you like: a) not being tied into a contractual agreement with your wireless provider; b) being able to get the phone you want WHEN you want it; and c) saving money, then Simple Mobile is for you. You can contact Goin’ Postal Tallahassee at (850)668-1840 for more information; or visit the website www.mysimplemobilenow.com  to see the different plans and phones. Make sure when you order your phone, you say the code ‘GOINPOSTAL’, and receive 1/2 OFF  PHONE ACTIVATION!!!