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GP TALLAHASSEE FEATURED PRODUCT: www.mysimplemobilenow.com

Simple Mobile™ is a fast-growing wireless provider whose goal is to give the customer the best-quality service, comparable to companies such as AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon—-without the constraints of contractual obligations. Just from personal experience, there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get the phone you REALLY want without adding 2-3 years or $30/month to your already substantial wireless bill. Or having the freedom of a prepaid plan, only to have inconsistent phone service, or not being able to get quality wireless products. My Simple Mobile Now combines the best of both worlds.
1.Simple Mobile operates in partnership with T-Mobile, and runs off their satellites. So you won’t experience the limited coverage areas, dropped calls, or spotty internet connections that you get with other pre-paid programs.
2.Simple Mobile offers a wide range of phones, from major brands such as Motorola, LG, Samsung, and BlackBerry—even the Apple I-Phone!
3.There are no 2 or 3-year service contracts. All you have to do is buy the phone and SIM Card, and you pay by the month, as you go. That means no new contracts every time you want to get a new phone!
The major carriers will try to entice you with rebates and deals on phones—as long as you sign a new contract with them. This way, they make their money back on the phone—AND THEN SOME. Let me use my old phone service as an example. I had a family plan with one of the major carriers, which included 3 phones, 2000 anytime minutes per month, unlimited text messaging in the US. Our bill, with taxes, was about $215.00 per month. Keep in mind that anytime you want to go on the internet, it was $2.50 per day; anytime you wanted to call ‘411’ it was another $2.00 per month. Now, in order to switch to the BlackBerry Curve, we had to pay $30.00 per phone, add $9.99 PER PHONE to add the Data (Internet) Plan, AND sign a new 2-year contract!!! This means, for the 3 phone lines, we would be paying :
Phones: $90.00
New Phone Plan
(With Internet): $245.00 @ 24 months = $ 5880.00

That’s almost $6,000 for two years!!! Now, let’s use the same formula for Simple Mobile service:
Phones: $250.00 @ 3 phones= $750.00
New Phone Plan: $150.00 @ 24 months= $3600.00
This means you would save over $1,600.00 over the two years with the same phones, and no contract! Plus, with the Simple Mobile you receive unlimited calls and texts—even INTERNATIONALLY–and unlimited directory assistance!

So, if you like: a) not being tied into a contractual agreement with your wireless provider; b) being able to get the phone you want WHEN you want it; and c) saving money, then Simple Mobile is for you. You can contact Goin’ Postal Tallahassee at (850)668-1840 for more information; or visit the website www.mysimplemobilenow.com  to see the different plans and phones. Make sure when you order your phone, you say the code ‘GOINPOSTAL’, and receive 1/2 OFF  PHONE ACTIVATION!!!