“When Will My Package Get There?”

…this is the question we are asked most, here at our store.  And, depending on how you shipped your package, the answer can be pretty complicated.  So here’s a basic explanation:

The United States Post Office – The USPS offers NO GUARANTEED SERVICE. Rule of thumb is on first-class mail, allow for 5-7 days; for media mail (book rate) allow 10-14 days; and on priority mail, allow 2-3 days.  Express Service, which the USPS passes off as their ‘overnight’ service, should arrive at its destination by 12:00 Noon the following business day, with 2 caveats: a) rural destinations have NO overnight service, so if the destination is NOT a major city, make certain the representative at the Post Office checks to see if Express 1-day service is available there; and b) the Post Office has no Guaranteed, insured transit times, only ‘estimates’.  So if your package is time-sensitive, try to avoid using the USPS.

FedEx – Ground Service has average transit times, which are estimates, and they are usually pretty accurate, but no GUARANTEED times.  if you have something time-sensitive, FedEx offers Express Saver (3-day service); 2-day Service, and Overnight Service.  All of these are, in fact, Guaranteed services, and thus are safer ways to move shipments than USPS.  FedEx Overnight has two additional options, based on what time you need your shipment to arrive: Morning (by 10:30am); or Afternoon (by 3:00pm), and there is also a Morning version available for 2-Day shipments.  Just be aware that with some rural destinations, Morning Overnight is not available.

UPS – UPS offers services very comparable to FedEx, but will usually be slightly more pricey.

DHL – Used only for International Shipping, DHL offers the quickest overseas services; however, these services cannot be GUARANTEED as far as transit time, simply because DHL has no control over how long items will take to clear Customs.  So give yourself a week on all international shipments.

Goin’ Postal Tallahassee offers all major carriers, and a representative here can help you pick which services you need based on when you need your shipment there.  Contact us at (850) 692-3130, visit us on the web at http://gpoftallahassee.com, or drive to our store at 5810 North Monroe Street, Suite 210A, Tallahassee, Florida, and we can help you package your items safely and cheaply!!!

You can also connect with us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/gptally) or like our Facebook fan page!


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