Hazardous, Restricted and Prohibited Items

An agreement was reached between the carriers, U.S. DOT and IATA to keep all shipments traveling in the air safe. For this reason the HAZMAT question was created. So, there is a definitive list of items that can and cannot be shipped in accordance with the law. However, while you should never ship liquids like oil, lighter fluid and other flammable substances, there is nothing wrong with shipping a well-packaged bottle of bubble bath via a ground service.

Descriptions that indicate Dangerous Goods include: “Explosive”, “Compressed Gas”, “Flammable”, “Poison”, “Toxic”, “Infectious”, “Radioactive”, or “Corrosive.”  These dangerous goods should never be sent.

The carriers will also restrict shipments with certain commodities due to regulatory laws or concerns about personal safety. Those items include: live fish, alcohol, clinical specimens, human parts, firearms, batteries, tobacco, currencies, or used medical devices.

Hidden Dangerous Goods

While not obvious, these items are classified as Hidden Dangerous Goods and should not be shipped:

Breathing apparatus (may contain compressed oxygen), Camping gear (may contain flammable gas or liquid), Dental apparatus (may contain hazardous chemicals, resins or solvents), Cylinders (may contain compressed gas), Photographic supplies (may contain dangerous chemicals or inks), Household shipments/goods (may contain flammable household liquids, bleaching powders, aerosol paints, lighters, or perfume), Car batteries (may contain corrosive,or explosive materials), Fireworks (may contain flammable substances), Matches (may contain flammable substances), Aerosol sprays (may contain compressed gas), Nail polish (may contain chemicals), Nitrogen-refrigerated liquids (may contain compressed gas), or ORM-D (may contain compressed gas).

Questions about particular items can be directed to the carrier, or you can call Goin’ Postal of Tallahassee at (850) 692-3130, visit us on the web at http://gpoftallahassee.com, or drive to our store at 5810 North Monroe Street, Suite 210A, Tallahassee, Florida.  We’ll help you package your items safely and cheaply!

As always, you can also connect with us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/gptally) or like our Facebook fan page!


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