The ART of Packaging (Part 3)


Packaging is the art, science and technology of enclosing and protecting items, in our case, for shipping. Proper packaging is integral to the delivery of undamaged goods. Today, most packages are sorted and fed through high-speed conveyors and bar code reading systems.

Your goal is to protect the shipment from damage while conserving time and materials. This is achieved by using the smallest boxes and amount of packaging materials possible, while providing adequate protection in accordance with carrier guidelines. The guidelines in this chapter have been developed from service guides available from FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS along with our own “hands on” approach. We will cover these guidelines in 3 parts; the final part we will cover is Sealing.


By far, the most popular method is packaging tape. This is available in different sizes and types. We recommend pressure-sensitive tape in 2” and 3” rolls. For heavier items you may choose to use “strapping tape” which is pressure-sensitive tape that is reinforced with yarn.

Common types of tape that should NEVER be used include masking tape, duct tape and cellophane (Scotch®) tape.

Water-activated tape is another popular product. This type of tape needs to be moistened (like an envelope) and then applied to the package. It is usually reinforced with fiberglass yarn and requires less coverage then pressure-sensitive tape due to its strength.

Sealing Instructions

1. Apply at least three strips of pressure-sensitive tape, at least 2” wide, to both the top and bottom of the package.

2. Distribute the tape evenly across flaps and seams, using the H taping method.

3. You must use pressure-sensitive tape, water-activated paper tape (minimum 60lb grade) or water activated reinforced tape.

Making sure your package is protected from movement and shock during transit will ensure that your package arrives safely. Make sure to call Goin’ Postal Tallahassee at (850) 692-3130, visit us on the web at, or drive to our store at 5810 North Monroe Street, Suite 210A, Tallahassee, Florida, and we can help you package your items safely and cheaply!!!

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